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The Elusion® Electronic Cigarette body consists of a stainless steel shell, a lithium ion battery, a v Smart chip, program-controlled circuits and a cartridge which is attached to the main device. The front section of the body contains the electronic cigarette operating mode indicator, which lights up when the inhaler is being used or when the battery is due for charging.


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Elusion electronic cigarette testimonials
  • “I just wanted to say that I am extremely impressed with your electronic cigarette and your superior customer service.”
    - Juan Danga
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    “Just received my Elusion electronic cigarette this morning! Very happy with your fast service and product quality.”
    - Robbie Lewis
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  • “I want to thank you, the Elusion team, for helping me achieve such life changing results.”
    - Carl Wright
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    “I have not craved a "regular cigarette", I have not gained weight, I feel so much better.”
    - Susan Ford.
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  • “Thank you so much for such an amazing electronic cigarette I will be recommending to every smoker I know! ”
    - Tara O'Neill.
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    “I am down to smoking 2 cigarettes a day from 15 in 10 days.”
    - Gloria.
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  • “I would like to thank you for your time and excellent product.This electronic cigarette was the only method helpful for me to stop smoking.”
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    “This electronic cigarette is great, and is surely a lot less expensive than tobacco products.”
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  • “Very impressive - Having been a heavy smoker for about 15 years, I must say that this electronic cigarette is revolutionary.”
    -Jean-Claude Biosa.
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    “Thanks. I placed my order yesterday and this morning my package was on my doorstep. Very impressive service.”
    -Anne Grace.
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  • “I have absolutely NO hesitation in recommending the Elusion to anyone, the cartridges taste great!”
    -Mark Norvall
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